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SKIP INTO LITERACY, INC. (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization)
is dedicated to empowering and inspiring youth of all ages to fulfill their academic and artistic aspirations by providing books, music, and other sources of media for this purpose. 

Led by Grammy-Award Winner, SKIP MARTIN, and his DREAM TEAM, we offer:
to schools and organizations to further our mission. 

Generous donations from individuals, foundation partners, corporate sponsors and private businesses allow SKIP INTO LITERACY, INC. this offering to communities across the globe!  It is our goal to put a book in the hands of every student in the WORLD!


Books in Schools

It is the goal of SKIP INTO LITERACY,

to put a book in the hand of every student across the globe! 

Morgan The Musical


We hope that everyone who attends a

SKIP INTO LITERACY workshop or concert presented by Skip Martin and his Dream Team will never be the same.  Skip is the ultimate performer.  His music, stories and life experiences challenge all to be all that they can be, ...because "You can be anything, anything, anything if you believe...!"

We at SKIP INTO LITERACY, feel that EVERY student across the globe will be challenged to fulfill their dreams once they experience this phenomenal musical.  They will come away with  greater self-esteem, an advocate of anti-bullying and a clearer understanding of the importance of goal setting!

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